Work Safety Index

Work Safety Index is dedicated to data and transparency in occupational safety. Our mission is to make safety performance integral to an organization’s overall performance.

We compile and organize publicly-available safety data, then make it freely available.

We are the first and only place where business, government, and non-profit safety information can be easily accessed and understood.

Our key innovation is our SafetyScore, which uses a single number to give an assessment of an organization's safety performance.

The SafetyScore looks at an organization's most recent history of incidents, the industry averages, the rate of change from previous years, and other factors to give the business a score of 1-100.


Who benefits from accessible safety performance information?

Job seekers

To find the safest workplaces when looking for new jobs


To learn how their organization is handling safety, and advocate for improvements


To demand safe performance from their business partners


To ensure their investments have a bright future

In numbers


business profiles


location profiles


safety data points
WIth millions of data points on organizations and their regional facilities, we have one of the most comprehensive records of occupational safety performance data available today.